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Clever Jockstrap with Logo in White


Product ID: 10038
Manufacturer #: 3002

Basic Clever cotton Jockstrap with a modal/form fitting pouch and Clever logo on the Jockstrap's waistband.

Materials: Cotton94% Spandex6%

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   by Dave on 6/8/2015 10:54:37 AM 
A great jock!  --  A great jock! It’s a snuggie! Wonderful feel plus snug lift and support. It looks real good on me!

The cotton-spandex material is soft, smooth and very comfortable. It fits secure. When I put on a jock in the morning I find myself going for my CLEVER jock. I’m guessing they call it CLEVER because someone did some real thinking when they planned the construction. It stays with you when you work.

It is not a classic gym jock with a ribbed elastic pouch, but it gives great support.

The pouch is snug. It fits like speedos, but being a jockstrap is ideal for being active in. The pouch holds my balls close and somewhat forward, in a good position, actually in a great position. It does not have pullback. I can hold my penis in an “up” position more than in most other jocks.

My package is medium or a little more, and it works for me. It probably wouldn’t have enough room for the overly-hung. I couldn’t tell you about that!

I give a jock a hard physical workout on a farm. Climbing up and down on the bed of a truck, twisting and lifting heavy things. On a hard work day when my thick work pants are always pressing on my crotch, sometimes the CLEVER jock feels like it is too tight, like it’s flattening my balls too much. I haven’t figured it out exactly.

I switched to a BIKE with more of a pouch, and my balls really got pinched from hanging down and back too much. So a CLEVER felt better than a BIKE. A PRIAPE has a perfect pouch for me on a hard work day, but the whole jock really grips you, and could be much after 12 hours.

CLEVER wins out for comfort, I hardly know it’s there. It is perfect for light work and every day wear. I do not like to tuck my dick in the down position. That makes it too tight on my balls. I like my dick floating around somewhere above my balls. If you like your balls and dick to hang down somewhat in more of a pouch, and not be too confined, you may not like CLEVER. It holds everything close.

If you are going to be seen in a jockstrap, your body will look good in a CLEVER. I think it looks better than on the ads, especially if you pull you dick up. It comes in black, but I would wear white because it shapes and makes your stuff show to your advantage.

The waist band is strong but very narrow. It rolls over in the back. I would recommend the manufacturer make a wider waist band, but it works fine.

It has very delicate washing instructions. I have not had any problems yet. Many times I want to wear it again before laundry day, so I just rinse off the pouch in cold water to get the sweat off, and it’s good enough to wear. It dries quickly. Special care, but it’s easy care.

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

Clever Jockstraps/Thongs
Size Inches Centimeters
Small 28-30 71-74
Medium 30-32 76-81
Large 32-34 81-86
X-Large 34-36 86-91
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