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Joe Snyder Man-Up C-Ring in Black


Product ID: 10113
Manufacturer #: JS23

The Joe Snyder Man-Up (JS23)  is a basic waistband with an attached C-ring for giving you some added boost.  Although this could be worn alone as underwear it is intended to be worn underneath your undies or a jock for added lift.  Consits of a simple 1" waistband with an attached C-ring.  The C-ring is not adjustable.

Fabric Composition
: Nylon 80% & Lycra 20%

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   by Dave on 4/26/2015 10:24:39 PM 
Lifts your balls forward.  --  Every man should have one of these. It lifts your scrotum up right behind your balls and keeps your balls from falling back and getting stuck in the tight space between your legs. Very few jockstraps will actually lift your balls forward. You can wear it with a jockstrap or with boxers. You could almost do the same thing with a homemade cock ring, but being attached to a waist band lifts you higher.

You are going to notice that it brings your package up and front. Maybe some of you want it for that. You will fill out your pouch like you never have before. Your balls will display twice as big. But I am serious that it performs a real comfort and support function. I wear it when I’m working in a field and there is no one to see me.

I would not wear it during contact sports. If you are going to get your nuts bumped you don’t want them held out in front of you. You want them to snuggle back into safety.

Drawbacks: There can be moments of discomfort depending on what you wear it with and how active you are. A few times my dick has gotten momentarily pinched between the stiff material of the ring and my jock, especially if I wear tight jeans and am being highly active.

Sometimes the ring can pinch the spermatic chords and slow the blood flow, especially if I am sitting with my legs too close together. If this happens your nuts will ache and you will know it. This rarely happens with me because the ring is very lose. But sometimes one of my nuts can pop out of it, especially in winter when they are hanging higher.

The size of the ring is not adjustable. I don’t think it would be too tight for anyone. I am hung medium and the ring fits loose on me. The waist band lifts it up so it works. That’s probably the way it’s supposed to fit.

If your balls pop out of it you could try another brand, or you could tighten up the ring with a needle and thread. But there is a compromise between being too tight and cutting-off circulation to your balls, and being so loose that your balls can pop out of it.

Most of the time it is comfortable, and I wear it under all sorts of circumstances.

You can leave it on, and pull your stuff out of the ring, whenever you want to. Or because there are no leg straps you can put it on, or take it off any time during the day without undressing. You can either step into it with your pants on, or pull it on or off over your head. You can carry it in your pocket for when need to take a load off your balls. It’s very convenient.

If you put it on inside-out, it will work just the same. However, one side has a scratchier seam. If you wear it as it is designed the seam will be against your body and not rub as much.

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

Joe Snyder One Size Fits Most
Size Inches Centimeters
One Size Fits Most 28-38 71-97
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