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Omtex ACE Supporter in Black


Product ID: 10217
Manufacturer #: OMTEXACE

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The Omtex ACE supporter is your basic mesh fabric athletic supporter with a hefty 3" waistband featuring the Omtex ACE logo on the waistband.  The pouch is made of a moisture-wicking mesh fabric which has a nice stretch to it due to some added rubber.  The pouch is a medium sized pouch with a decent amount of lift due to its contoured design.  Includes 1" leg straps in the same color as the waistband.  This jock is available in white or black.

Made in India
Made of Cotton

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   by John on 5/6/2019 11:28:18 AM 
Best Jockstrap Ever  --  Over the years, I've worn a great many jockstraps in my time, from the obligatory Litesome at school in the UK, which was great, by the way, to the poor substitutes for Bike, which are, or were, really poor quality. I've steadfastly avoided 'fashion jocks' because for me a jockstrap is an essential part of playing sports such as rugby, boxing and other contact sports, for very good reasons - support and comfort. This new version from Omtex is awesome and is far and away the best jockstrap I've ever used. It does a fantastic job support-wise thanks to its really well designed pouch and straps, and it's extremely comfortable - so much so, it just feels right to wear it 24/7, which I shall do from now on, alternating with Omtex Gym, which as other reviewers have said, is slightly diffferent from the Ace, but just as great.
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   by John on 2/13/2019 5:39:20 PM 
Best Classic Jock  --  This and its swimmer-jock counterpart have become my go-to classic jocks since the demise of Bike. These are the most comfortable jocks I have ever worn and look like normal athletic jocks, which makes me comfortable changing into them in the locker room.

The pouch is great for those who need a larger pouch, but it's not loose or excessively roomy. It does the job and holds the boys in place.

Like others have said, it's comfortable enough to wear every day and is as comfortable as the more contemporary jocks but with a classic look and feel.

I wear this one for weightlifting and plyometric workouts and use the Omtex swimmer-jock for more cardio workouts.

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by Kenny on 2/9/2019 1:33:16 PM 
Jockstrap to wear all day every day and sleep in every night  --  Just received 2 of these on my last order and just as the reviews said they are the most comfortable jockstrap I've ever worn
The pouch is smaller than the gym 3 inch and 2 inch but trust me it will accommodate the larger size packages out there
The waste band is very comfortable and although I was a little concerned about the width of the leg straps the way their attached to the bottom of the very well contoured pouch you can't even feel them around your cheeks

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   by Paul on 3/31/2018 9:52:10 AM 
Surprisingly good value  --  For the price, this is a pretty good jock. The leg straps are a bit too wide, but the pouch and waistband are both comfortable and supportive, and do the job for workout purposes. Nice that it comes in black. I wish it was made in the US, but what can you do?
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   by Bryan on 10/22/2017 9:37:53 AM 
great jock!  --  I usually buy duke and decided to get a few of these also. Was really happy that I did, they fit great and the plush waistband makes them even more comfortable. Great under my running and tights. Will be buying more when they get another shipment.
Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by John-Michael on 10/9/2017 9:47:48 PM 
Fantastic traditional sports jock. Quality, afordable, amazing fit.  --  My new go-to athletic supporter jock, now that Activeman is gone, and in my opinion this is better than their 3" waistband supporter.

Again as with all Omtex products: Be aware of the sizing. Follow the listed sizing here by inches, it's not standard US designations.

The pouch is snug, not as much material as Duke, about the same as Activeman. But it's much more contoured and natural fitting than than either other brand. It's plenty stretchy while retaining support - Should still accommodate larger guys because of this. Seriously the fit is amazing on the pouch, and in my opinion, miles ahead of most sports supporters.

Dries quickly, color seems to stay, has held up in the wash very well. The waistband is comfortable, and the inside slightly plush. You can definitely wear these all day as undies if desired - they're very comfortable. They also just look great, and make -you- look great!

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

Omtex Sports
Size Inches Centimeters
X-Small 26-27 60-65
Small 28-30 70-75
Medium 31-33 80-85
Large 34-36 90-90
X-Large 37-38 95-95
XX-Large 39-42 100-105
3XL 43-47 115-120
4XL 48-52 120-125
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