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Priape Classic Jockstrap with Wide Band in Grey


Product ID: 10011
Manufacturer #: PRPJOCK

Priape Classic Jockstrap with a wide band.  If you are searching for a classic looking jockstrap without a baggy pouch, then the Priape Classic Jockstrap is for you.  The shape of the pouch provides natural lift.  Sturdy and durable. The hefty waistband and soft legstraps gives the jock a soft and comfortable feel. Made to wear with low-rise jeans and tough enough to handle most sports. Classic support with all the comfort. 

This is an industrial strength athlete’s jockstrap made of substantial material that anchors itself on your body without cutting into you.  The waist band and leg straps are thick and sturdy.  This is not a light weight fashion jockstrap.  Great for a working man or athlete or someone who is tired of a baggy pouch. It is made to wear on your hips, where most guys like to wear jocks.  

Material: 59% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 10% Rubber, 5% Spandex

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   by Richard on 3/18/2017 6:04:37 PM 
"This jock hugs your junk without crushing it"  --  Far and away the most comfortable jock I own, and I've tried many others since I haven't work regular underwear in years.

Somehow, this jock pulls your balls up and forward without causing any discomfort. Great for the gym, where you don't want anything to "dangle" between your legs during your workout.

I own several in different colors, with and without the cock ring. I seldom use the cock ring because I think it's overkill. Both models are comfortable enough to wear all day to work. Makes a great presentation under tight jeans, in front and in back, too. You're sure to get a few stares from the ladies and some guys.

Size Fit -- Size Runs Slightly Small

   by David on 1/6/2016 2:36:47 AM 
lots to like, but one problem  --  First, the good: The waistband and pouch are great! The fabric is thick and substantial. They fit snug but nothing feels pinched or smashed into place. The waistband sits low enough on my hips that it doesn't fold over like some do. And the pouch moves everything "out" and away from your body, so your junk isn't pulled back between your legs.

The bad: the straps. They're too long. I have an average butt (not underwear-model-worthy, but not flat, either) and the straps are loose. They need to be shortened by 3/4 inch or more to fit snugly. Also, the straps are just basic elastic that's less comfortable than some jocks I've worn that have plusher, more fabric-like straps.

Overall, very good. Fix the straps, and it would be great.

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by Ronald on 1/19/2015 2:56:49 AM 
Best Jock I've ever worn  --  There's another review that states the straps are slack, they are. But the comfort of the waist band and the perfectly fitting pouch makes up for it. I don't need the straps to hold anything anywhere, the pouch presents it all perfectly. The band sits lower and is thick enough that I can wear mine to work daily and never be 'caught' wearing a jock in my blue-collar environment where I'm always bent over working.

I gave up wearing all of my other jocks (which I now know I wasted a great deal of money on), I don't even wear underwear anymore, just my Priape Jocks.

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by Adam on 11/6/2014 8:58:23 PM 
great pouch, OK fit  --  i guess i don't have enough in the trunk. pouch is sturdy and really comfy, waist fits great, but straps are a bit slack on me -- if you've got a good behind, this may be the strap for you.
Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

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Medium 32-34 81-86
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