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Mueller 3" Athletic Supporter in White in White


Product ID: 10102
Manufacturer #: 100

Mueller sizes cover a broad size range.  If you are at the upper end of the size it will fit tight so consider sizing up one level.

Mueller makes a quality 3" basic athletic supporter in both black and white.  The waistband with black/red tracer stripes is made of heat resistant elastic and will hold up well with multiple washings.  The full-cut netted mesh pouch has been pre-shrunk to avoid shrinkage after washing.  This jock is finished off with 3/4" leg straps.  Although the pouch is ribbed fabric, it feels nice and soft and has a decent contour.  The pouch is made of two layers of fabric but is not a cup holder.  The pouch is more of a medium sized pouch similar to a McDavid and not as roomy as a Duke or Bike pouch.

Pouch Composition: 40% Polyester; 40% Nylon; 20% Spandex
Elastic Waistband: 80% Polyester; 20% Rubber

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   by Mike on 5/7/2016 9:44:08 AM 
Solid Support  --  As mentioned by others, this offers some real support. The double ply pouch material is different from any other jock I've seen, but it gets the job done so much better. Other pouches out there, it feels like you could pull up over your shoulders and still not feel supported. You might not want to feel confined if you aren't working out in a jock, but if you are, tight is right, you don't want to bounce or twist. Ran a 5K in this and had no issues with things sliding around or rubbing.
Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by Bradley on 4/8/2016 11:26:21 AM 
Overall.. great quality, extremely soft and gives SUPPort where its needs..  --  I wear these to work. The gym. And even to sleep. Package looks appealing wearing the Mueller athletic supporter. Really recommend for the price. !
Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by Shawn on 12/22/2015 10:10:13 AM 
Mueller Nice Tight Fit  --  Super soft double layer of fabric. nice tight much to cup your balls.
Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by George on 11/20/2015 6:21:38 PM 
Not made for men!  --  I tried these and found them to be ridiculously small in the pouch area. Honestly, I thought, "Could this be made for a woman? Wait, no, it's a jockstrap!" The waist fitted fine, but I found absolutely no room in the pouch. I'm average hung, so I'm not trying to brag here. There are dozens of other jocks on this site that are much better for a guy's needs. I would say, Skip this one!
Size Fit -- Size Runs Very Small

   by Adam on 11/6/2014 8:55:47 PM 
best everyday jock  --  the mueller is definitely my "go-to" jock. great, comfy pouch, snug but not totally ball-crushing, comfortable material, great fit in the waist and straps. as a daily jock wearer, i spend a lot of time in these things and this is definitely at the top of my list!
Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

   by Mustafa on 10/23/2014 6:50:58 PM 
Pouch too confining for average package  --  These are constructed with a 2-layer pouch which does not accomodate to average bulk for daily or long-term wear. Fits like a cup-supporter without the cup, unnessarily constrictive. (unless one wants to conceal his masculinity for some reason?) Otherwise really well made and survives many laundering cycles if not machine dried. Lose one layer of pouch fabric and this design would be a winner.
Size Fit -- Size Runs Very Small

   by Dave on 9/30/2014 1:48:25 PM 
The MUELLER is one of the better jocks for support  --  The MUELLER is one of the better jocks for support. I am a working man who needs all the lift he can get in a jock. I think most men who try the new MUELLER will like the way it cups your balls and holds them up.

First let me say that I bought a Mueller a few years ago. It was a great jock, but the snug pouch was too short and did not have quiet enough room for me. I have middle-average sized equipment. My balls popped in-and-out of the bottom sometimes when I was working. That felt funny. But they changed it. The new Mueller I just bought has a little longer pouch and it fits great for me now.

If the coach asked the team, “Which jockstraps do you men want to go with the team uniforms?” The team might vote for MUELLER. There would be one or two men who would say, “I need a bigger pouch. Why don’t we get jocks that everyone can fit into?” And the men would say, “screw you! We don’t want to wear saggy pouches just to make you two guys happy!”

The MUELLER actually has a formed pouch that cups your behind your balls and lifts them so they don’t slide back between your legs. I can wear my penis in the down position with my balls. Or I can pull the waist band a little higher and put my penis in the up position. The MUELLER pouch can keep my penis above my balls all day long, and it never slips in the down position.

The ribbed pouch looks like a traditional athletic jock, but actually it does not have elastic or rubber strands. The pouch is two-layered and has 20% spandex fibers in its supportive weave. It has a smoother feel than many jocks and doesn’t rub. The pouch expands widthwise more than downward. (It does not hold a cup.)

The MUELLER’S has a sturdy 3” waistband, and well-placed, good-feeling narrow leg straps. Its creative construction works well with my body. I think I look more like an athlete wearing a MUELLER than in any other jock. It’s the Olympic champion of jockstraps. Now if I just had the body to go with it!

MUELLER is comfy so there is no need to take it off when you get home from work. It’s great for both athletic and every day wear. For men who spend a lot of time at the desk and don’t like to sit on your balls: I am sitting down writing now. I slip my hand into my pants and cup my balls that are being held in a nice position up front. They have not slid back near my asshole, which is miserably uncomfortable. That’s a bad way to spend a day.

If you want some upward lift in a jock, give the MUELLER a try. But if you are one of the guys who keeps your jock on to sleep in, the MUELLER might not have enough room for your morning wood.

Size Fit -- Size Fits Perfect

Mueller Athletic Supporters Size Chart
Size Inches Centimeters
Small 26-32 66-81
Medium 32-38 81-96
Large 38-44 96-111
X-Large 44-50 111-127

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