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Welcome to home of a large selection of jockstraps and athletic supporters.  We offer a wide array of jockstrap lines ranging from fashion jockstraps to classic jockstraps and athletic supporters including major brands such as Activeman, Bike Athletic, SafeTGard, Duke, Priape and McDavid.  Check back often as we are adding new jockstrap brands on a weekly basis.  

Whether you like to wear a jock strap as your everyday underwear, or looking for athletic protection, has you covered.  Use the menu at the left to choose a jockstrap category of interest.  You will also find jockstrap sale items from the Sale Items menu.

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Basic Men's Athletic Supporters

 Your classic athletic supporter has a 3" elastic waistband and a mesh fabric pouch for support.  Some brands we offer that make these athletic supporters are Activeman, Flarico, Bike Athletic, Duke Athletic-Tactical, McDavid, Mueller Sports, Rawlings and SafeTGard.  Two other brands focus on Fashion jockstraps but do offer a decent basic athletic supporter as well.  This includes Barcode Berlin in Germany and Priape from Canada.  Both those product lines have nicely contoured, form-fitting pouches.  If you need a large pouch it is best to stick with the Bike and Duke products.  Shop for Athletic Supporters.

Cup Athletic Supporters

Athletic Supporters with a built-in cup pocket and in some cases a hard or soft cup included are used mainly for contact sports or sports involving impact.  The pouch of these products has a cup pouch for inserting the protective cup.  For high impact sports hard cups are often used while for lower impact soft cups are used.  Other cups are hard but with a softer rubber edge which allows for greater mobility and are good for sports that require a lot of movement.  You will find all athletic supporter cup styles we offer on this pageTo shop or category of cup supporters, click here.

Fashion Jockstraps

There are many brands we offer which produce guys's fashion jockstraps.  These jockstraps tend to have a sexier appeal and are often made of high cotton content so they feel more like regular underwear.  Our top selling fashion jockstrap brands include Barcode Berlin, PPU, Papi, CellBlock 13, Joe Snyder, Diesel, Pistol Pete and 2Xist.  Click here to browse and buy in our fashion jocks category.

Swimmer Jockstraps

Swimmer Jockstraps and athletic supporters have a thin waistband so that it is hidden when wearing underneath a swimsuit or running shorts.  These are often also great for jogging and running since the 1" waistband won't stick out above your jogging shorts.  Some brands offering swimmer jocks include Duke, Barcode Berlin, Activeman, Bike Athletic, Priape, and SafeTGard.  Show for men's Swimmer Jockstraps.

Besides being a retail website for jockstraps, also offers the most extensive history of the jockstrap on the internet.  We have vintage advertisements dating back to the late 1800's, pictures of men in jockstraps as they evolved throughout the 1900's, vintage cup style jocks, and jockstrap memorabiliaClick here to learn about the history of the Jockstrap.

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